Fundraising and Discounts


At WDGAF, we distinguish ourselves from the rest by making the community one of our top priorities. We pride ourselves in giving 5% of our monthly sales to charities recommended by our customers, selected charities will be posted on our social media every month. Not only can we help people down on their luck or stuck in bad times but, being able to give back to those in need helps achieve a greater sense of personal satisfaction and growth, one of our main missions here at WDGAF.

How do you recommend a charity?

Once you complete your purchase you can:

 Click on the “Contact Us” page submitting your receipt number and recommended charity .


Follow one of our social media pages located on the bottom left of the page, send us your receipt number and recommended charity. 


Discounts are offered to Military, First Responders, and Students attending and form of education. 

To receive your discount send in the following:

Military- DD214, Orders or send a email from your account with name and contact information.

First Responders- Photo of ID showing any form of credentials or a email from your departments email account with name and contact information.

Students- Send in a school ID photo or school email. 

For any questions you have about discounts or fundraising, click on the "Contact Us" page for questions or concerns.